Von Tanto Now The Official Biker Killer Suspect, Not Nestor Punzalan, Police Source Says


A certain Von Tanto is now being identified as the real and official suspect to the killing of a biker this Monday, July 25. This is after the conduction sticker of the red Hyundai Eon was misidentified as MO3746, and the correct one is MO3745. The wrong car is owned by Nestor Punzalan, who has been already cleared by the Manila Police District (MPD).

According to a report at Philstar, a police source identified the biker killer suspect as Von Tanto, whom we learned from his Facebook page that he is a member of the Philippine Army. Also known as Skyon Tonsky, Vhon Martin Tanto has photos holding two guns and standing beside a red Hyundai Eon. However, the car’s conduction sticker is not shown.

As earlier reported, a CCTV footage video shows a red Hyundai Eon cutting a biker at around 9:36 pm, Tuesday night. Shortly, the driver and the biker had an argument which later led to a fist fight. After around 2 minutes, both of them returned to their respective vehicles. However, the car driver got off again and shot the biker in the face at point blank.

The victim was identified as Mark Vincent Geralde, 35, whom the suspect fired multiple shots at him again even if he was already lying on the street. A certain Rosell Bondoc, 18, was hit by a stray bullet from the suspect, and is now in critical condition at the Mary Chiles General Hospital. The suspect was seen going back to his car and left as if nothing happened.

Initial reports said that the conduction sticker of the red Hyundai Eon used by the suspect was MO3746. But on Tuesday night, Nestor Punzalan went to the NBI and admitted that he is the owner of the said car. However, he emphasized that his car was not used in the night when the biker was killed. It has been confirmed that he was a victim of mistaken identity.

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Meanwhile, authorities are still looking for Von Tanto, who allegedly fired his caliber .45 pistol 5 times based on the number of empty shells found on the crime scene. The Facebook page that shows his photos is still active as of posting, but we are not sure if this is real account. We at TN hope that justice be served immediately, and that the real killer will pay.