MIAA to award staff for swift recovery of FM wife’s jewelry box


MANILA, Aug. 11 — The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) is set to award seven airport police officers (APO) and three other staff for the smooth recovery of a jewelry box apparently owned by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s wife.

MIAA said Madame Hulya Cavusoglu departed for Turkey on board Turkish Airline last August 4. On August 7, however, the airline’s country manager and station manager reported the missing jewelry box to the Office of MIAA Assistant General Manager for Security.

According to MIAA, the box had the following — a white gold ring with diamond; gold ring with five diamond ornaments; gold ring with huge pearl ornaments; a small gold ring with small peral ornament; one set of round pearl earrings; a set of flat pearl earrings; one piece of round pearl earring; a gold chain bracelet with diamond; a set of cross-like earrings and a ring with precious stones.

Upon receiving the report, a team of operatives from the MIAA Intelligence and Investigation Division (IID) was immediately dispatched to investigate the case.

With the help of MIASCOR Ramp Duty Manager Lorena Pateno and MIASCOR Ramp Duty Supervisor Jean Bumidang, the following persons were invited to the IID office for inquiries: Yves Ronald Baguion, Wilson Mataganas, Ricardo Alfaro and John Andrews Racoma.

The suspects admitted stealing the jewelry box from a passenger’s luggage at the bulk portion of the aircraft.

The jewelry items were recovered on August 8, and were handed to the Turkish Airline executives.

MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal was happy for the smooth operation and recovery of the jewelry box. Thus, the following are set to receive plaques of commendation from MIAA:

APO2 Roderick Mejia, APO2 Jesus Ducusin, APO2 Jessie Goforth, APO2 Goldwin Cuarteros, APO1 Bilial Rivera, APO1 Marzel PangdaMIAA, APO1 Diomedes Roca II, Joymar Logronio, Bumidang and Pateno.

Banned from NAIA premises

MIAA has banned the four suspects from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) premises, and has cancelled their access pass privilege. Their names were also included in the “Stop List”.

The ban also prevents the four from getting employed in any company within NAIA premises.

Meanwhile, MIAA noted that the filing of criminal case against the four will be subject to the discretion of Turkish Airlines, and the suspects’ employer, MIASCOR.

“The four are not direct employees of MIAA. So MIASCOR, as their employer, will conduct their own investigation,” MIAA added. (PNA)

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