What team will rule the NBA this season?


The question for this NBA season is, what team will be the most dominant?  The Cavs haven’t added any other superstars to their roster.

While Golden State has fucked over the rest of the Western Conference by adding the freakish specimen named Kevin Durant to their already commanding roster of superstars.

Can Kawhi Leonard lead the forever aging squad of misfits called the Spurs to a successful season, who knows.

Can the Celtics somehow have a great season with their band of average washed up fucks that no one wants and the youngsters that will take 10 years for you to see their true value.

Can the New York Knicks take a team who would have won the 2010 NBA Championship and be a good team today?Doubtful.

Can Russell Westbrook put on his big boy pants and become the man of the house in Oklahoma City after Kevin Durant through him into the pit of death.

We will have to see who steps the fuck up this season.