Tim Duncan Back With the Spurs


The San Antonio Spurs and NBA fans all around the world were saddened when Tim Duncan decided to call it a career last year. But, he will more than likely be back with the Spurs this season, but he won’t be playing. Duncan will be brought on to the Spurs’ coaching staff most likely, and it didn’t take much time for him to get rolling.

He made an appearance at the Spurs’ training camp today and head coach Gregg Popovich was already in mid season form when it came to jokes. Right now, it is unclear as to what role Duncan will have with the team, but they are trying to figure it out.

“When I got done arguing with him about why he’s been fined for not showing up the last few days, we got that out of the way first. Most people under contract are required to show up for their jobs,” Popovich joked. “He said he didn’t have a contract. But I told him I thought we had a verbal contract, and I thought that was just as good as written. We’re having a tough time right now, the two of us, trying to get him straight. He’s always been tough to manage; especially so now that he’s retired.”


Obviously coach Popovich is joking about two things; there being a contract between him and Duncan, and Duncan being a hard person to manage. Duncan was one of the greatest teammates, players, and personalities the Spurs have ever had in their franchise.

Popovich mentioned Monday that Duncan would remain involved with the team, and joked that he’d be “the coach of whatever he feels like.” Popovich said there’s no room for Duncan on the bench during game situations, and he joked that he’s “too smart for that,” anyway. Popovich was unsure whether Duncan would take part in some road trips, saying the organization “just want[s] to let it kind of morph into its own sort of thing.” (ESPN.COM)

So, no room on the bench for Timmy D, but he will impact the franchise in some way or another. It’s nice to see a player with so much class still being able to impact the only franchise he ever played with.

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