New York Knicks fast-paced offense was on full display!


The Knicks broke out their fast break offense yesterday, which leads me to believe the Knicks will play faster. For New York Knicks fans this has to be thrilling news. Last year many fans were up in arms as the Knicks would methodically bring the ball up and would slowly get into their sets. Even the players showed some frustration. That was one of the reasons the Knicks management went off-script and hired Jeff Hornacek. Hornacek’s teams all were some of the best in terms of fast break points and pace. Yesterday on Day 2 of camp, the Knicks displayed some of that speed.

Knicks unveil breakneck offense – in front of silent Phil Jackson: Jeff ’s fast-paced vision – and version – of Phil Jackson’s triangle was on display during Wednesday’s scrimmages at Christl Arena. Every possession – whether it was the blue-shirted first unit, the black-shirted second unit or the white-shirted third unit, attempted to race the ball downcourt at warp speed. — New York Post

With Phil Jackson watching, the Knicks looked like a 21st century basketball team. They were going to push the pace and get as many easy baskets before the defense could get set. This would lead to the Knicks scoring more points and putting more pressure on defenses. It also lets the Knicks get better looks from the 3-point line and the Knicks will have a huge advantage as Porzingis is faster than most bigs and will be able to out-run them on fast breaks.

Knick fans have to be thrilled as last year the Knicks struggled to score a 100 points, this year we can expect closer to 103, 105 and that could make the difference in making the playoffs.

Are you happy the Knicks will play faster this year?