NBA Rumor: Ray Allen to the New York Knicks?


As a Knick fan, would you want them to sign Ray Allen? He is a sure Hall of Famer, who is one of the greatest three point shooters in NBA history. Ray Allen has said that he is not retired for a reason, he wants to play again. The Knicks could easily sign him to a veteran minimum contract and they already have some help in the recruiting department from Spike Lee.

Ray Allen wants to return to the NBA and he told the Hartford Courant that Knicks fan Spike Lee has been texting him about signing in New York. “Spike Lee has been trying to recruit me,” Allen told the newspaper. The Knicks have 14 players under guaranteed contract and would have room to add Allen to a guaranteed contract for the veteran’s minimum.

As many know, Spike Lee has a relationship with Allen after working together on the movie He Got Game. Does Allen make sense for the Knicks? I think he provides a nice veteran option when the playoffs start. His last year in the NBA, he averaged 9.2PPG and shot 37.5% from the three-point line. Just as an influence in the locker room would be beneficial, he can help the Knicks in big moments like the playoffs. He is old, so they would need to limit his minutes. I am sure the Knicks could use his abilities for 20-22 minutes a night, making a couple of threes in key moments. Just his presence on the court will open things up.

The Knicks can always use more shooting as it will spread the court for Melo and Rose to drive to the basket. Allen’s ability to move without the ball, running off screens will provide some misdirection, giving more space for Rose to drive to the basket and give Melo more one-on-on chances, as teams will be less prone to double-teaming him. Still, Allen is 41 years old, at his age I am not sure what he has left to offer. But he is a great shooter and has come up clutch time after time in the playoffs and as we have seen in the past, veterans are very important once the playoffs start. On top of that it would cost the Knicks very little to sign him as they could have him at the veteran’s minimum.

Should the Knicks sign Ray Allen?