LeBron James reacts to Heat cutting ties with Chris Bosh


Two years ago, LeBron James left the Heat to return to Cleveland during the 2014 free agency. Both the Heat and LeBron James didn’t end their relationship on the best terms either.

This past summer, James saw his former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade leave his team after talks with the Heat didn’t end well. Now, his other former teammate Chris Bosh is also departing from the Heat. After failing his physical last week, Heat president Pat Riley made it known that the Heat were moving on.

“We feel that, based on the last exam, that his Heat career is probably over,” Riley said of Bosh, via Sun Sentinel’s Ira Winderman.

When asked about the Heat’s decision, Lebron admitted Tuesday that he was surprised but offered his support for his friend Chris Bosh.

“I stand behind my brother Chris,” James said, via ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “The most important thing is his health. Whatever decision he wants to do, I’m all for it. I support him in every way, shape and facet. It’s a difficult situation for him. I was pretty surprised to hear that the team was just done with him, for them to come out and say that. But it’s not like I’ve been there. I’ve only seen it from the exterior. I wish the best for him, he has my support.”

As of today, Bosh has no plans of retiring. While Bosh remains on the Heat’s roster, the Heat will not play him and there’s isn’t any team out there that will trade for him because of his health. The Heat now will try to apply for salary cap relief in February to clear Bosh’s contract off the books. In order to do that, the Heat must find an independent doctor, both agreed upon by the Union and league, that must rule Bosh out.