Dwyane Wade Comments On Eventual Return to Miami


Dwyane Wade just finished his first NBA preseason as a member of the Chicago Bulls. After spending 13 years in Miami playing for the Heat, Wade took his talents to his hometown, the Windy City, where he will possibly play for the rest of his professional career. However, many Heat fans hope that Wade will return to Miami and retire as a Heat player, but it may not happen as the 34-year old shooting guard has moved on and is looking forward to playing for his hometown.

Wade was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated, and he said that return to Miami is not in his focus right now. Wade is cool with being in Chicago, but according to his words, he never thought that he would not be in Miami. The superstar said the following regarding his departure from Miami: “I don’t know. I never thought I would not be there. At this point in my career, I’ve been asked that, and it’s not a focus of mine. I’m happy where I am. I gave Miami everything I had for 13 years. The years I have left, hopefully I can give as much to Chicago. You never know what the future holds so you never want to say yes or no. Anything is possible. But, I’m cool right now. I’m good.”

There has been a lot of issues with Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat after he signed with the Chicago Bulls, but Wade says that he has no ill will towards the Heat and that many of those stories were fabricated by the media. Wade also added how he is still in touch with a lot of people from the organization because they are friends or family, and that he wishes all the best to the Heat in the future. In the interview, Wade also said how he decided to be selfish for once and do what he wants, so he decided to sign with the Bulls.

Wade had some great games in the preseason for the Bulls, giving the fans a sneak peek of his skills. His best game was against the Indiana Pacers in which he scored 22 points and added 8 assists. Chicago Bulls fans are excited to see what Wade brings to the table as the regular season is just around the corner. On the other side, the Miami Heat are doing their best to make up for the loss of Wade, but it will be a very difficult task to do.

Will Dwyane Wade Retire As A Miami Heat Player?