After a public brawl in Quezon City, actors Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos will get to meet inside the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) cage on June 25th, at the Valkyrie Club in Taguig City.

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In a report by Philippine media outlet Rappler, the two men will be fighting under pro-am rules, which inhibits them from using protective gear such as a head protector and shin guards. It also prohibits them from unleashing elbow and knee strikes to the head.

According to presiding referee Franco Rulloda, the two men are also not required to make weight for the event and will be wearing amateur mixed martial arts gloves weighting six ounces, with more padding. Professional mixed martial arts gloves weigh four ounces.

The rift between Geisler and Matos began inside a bar in Quezon City, where a video of the said brawl between the two men had surfaced. As seen in the clip, Geisler was already seemingly trying to make peace, when he was suddenly bombarded by punches from Matos.

The latter was then pulled off and dragged outside the bar, but remained aggressive, throwing cuss words at Geisler.

Expectedly, both men did defend themselves in separate interviews. In an ABS-CBN Newsreport, Geisler claimed he was only defending himself, as Matos allegedly berated an employee of the bar.

Matos, meanwhile, argued in another interview, that he merely wanted to “teach Geisler a lesson”. As of late, Geisler has been involved in other various scandals, including one that involved a student from the University of the Philippines.

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For URCC President Alvin Aguilar, the making of the fight between Matos and Geisler is not to condone public brawls, rather, is meant for the two men to finally set their rift aside.

“If you guys are going to fight in the bar, you guys are both actors, famous personalities now, that doesn’t set a good example for anybody. You go in the cage, you finish it, after that kamayan, then tapos na.” (You go in the cage, you finish it, after that you shake hands, then it’s over),” Aguilar said.

URCC Fight Night tickets are available through the URCC’s official website

Image: URCC official Facebook page

BAKBAKAN NA!! or should we say… BIGWASAN NA!!!